Welcome CAFFE

Help Dr. Sarah navigate a maze of caves as she attempts to make her way back to the surface to figure out who or what is tormenting the people of this village.

How to Play

Sarah can run, jump and swim. She can also climb ladders and ropes. You can move Sarah with the arrow keys or W, A, S, D.

Help Sarah by telling her what she needs to do. Make sentences by clicking on the words and objects. To get the blue crystal, click Get then click on the blue crystal in the game screen.

Items with a star are items you can interact with. You can try looking at them, getting them etc…

You can click to make sentences or you can type. Click the text button shown by the arrow. Now you can type a sentence and press enter when you are finished.

Simply click the button again to go back to clicking mode.

When you are in typing mode, objects show their name to help you.